We are a digital school that provides unique learning experiences for K-12 students globally

Our curriculum is accredited by the leading respected bodies in the United States.

8 reasons why parents and students prefer WorldEd School:

Certified teachers

Teachers who are fully dedicated in supporting students

Personalized schedules

Each student is offered a schedule that meets their needs and goals

Individualized support

Available 24/7 for parents, students, and schools 

Complete credits globally

Students can take credits at Yale, Stanford, or UCLA, while still in high school 

Partnership with Universities

We are partnered with more than 40 outstanding international Universities 

Free Counselling

For admission to American and European Universities     

Technological platform

Online, interactive and available 24/7 with classes, exercises and stimulating activities 

Immediate start

Students can enroll at any time throughout the year 

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Resources for you to stand out

24/7 support

WED’s online, interactive platform delivers challenging content that is explained in an engaging and fun way


WED’s flexible approach gives the students the chance to study anytime they want and to review any content as much as they need

Continuous learning

Certified and experienced teachers administer a variety of exercises and activities to test the student’s knowledge​

Exceptional extracurriculars

Masterclasses with current subjects, art contests, cultural exchange events with international students, and much more​

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Who we serve

Why WorldEd School

Flexible program

Flexible program

The online program is designed to better meet the needs of students and is focused on college preparation. Our personalized curriculum offers each student the opportunity to succeed and maintain a flexible schedule.

High-quality Curriculum

High-quality Curriculum

We offer a challenging college prep curriculum that prepares students to pursue their post-high-school goals and dreams.

Exploring possibilities

Exploring possibilities

With our program, students have classmates from several countries. In addition, participation in our school-wide programs allows interaction and friendships across cities, countries, and cultures.

Individualized Counseling

Individualized counseling

We have partnerships with more than 40 universities worldwide and a caring and dedicated guidance counselor to provide information and support to all students.

Some examples among the 200+ electives you can take

Theater, Cinema & Film Production
You will explore what goes into all things related to theater and film production.
Artificial Intelligence
You will learn the history, applications, and innovations of artificial intelligence.
Mythology & Folklore
You will read and discuss myths, legends, and folklore from around the world.
Culinary Arts
You will trace the origin and development of the culinary arts and learn topics in health, sanitation, culinary skills, and more.
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