About us

We are an online private school that provides unique learning experiences for K-12 students globally

Our Mission

WorldEd’s mission is to provide superior, flexible, and personalized American-based education to an international student body in a supportive environment that addresses all different learning styles based on foundations of respect, global awareness, and community.

Our Vision

To break down the boundaries of education for students globally.

Our Values

Our work is guided and aligned by our beliefs and commitments to:


We integrate the latest technology, innovative teaching, and individualized learning methods to engage students and prepare them for success.


We encourage students to challenge the status quo through innovation and open-minded discourse.

Diversity and Inclusion

We respect people, value cultural diversity, and are committed to equality.

Global Engagement

We inspire students to become critically engaged citizens, dedicated to solving real-world problems and contributing to the public good.


We care deeply about our students, parents, partners, and the communities in which we belong.

High-quality core curriculum and electives for all grades

Our interactive online courses are student-centered and engage future thinking. We also offer other stimulating programs, lecture presentations, art contests, and masterclasses that prepare students for the college experience.

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