EXTENDED DEADLINE!!! Submit your work by January, 16th. Winners will be announced on February, 10th

White Black Modern Art Exhibition Poster (5600 × 2561 px) (3)
No more submissions accepted.


Submit your work:

*You may submit as many works as you want in as many categories, but each piece or video requires a separate entry.
Entries may be submitted as a group as well, and it will be o
ne prize per winning entry. All members of the group must be named on the entry. If it only has space for one name, you may attach a separate sheet to your entry with the name, email and country.

Categories for which you can submit

Visual arts

Animation, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Short Films Without Actors, Crafts, and Sculpture.

Performing arts

Singing, Dancing, Acting, Short Films with Actors, Instrumental Performances, and Poetry recitation.

Each category 1st and 2nd places will receive:


50% Scholarship* + Instax Printer


20% Scholarship* + Instax Printer

* Valid for one credit in the next term.

Event Rules

  1. All entrants must be current WorldEd students. All entries must be submitted with the artist’s full name, school, grade level, and a two-sentence explanation of their entry and how it relates to the theme.
  2. All entries must be suitable for all ages. There will be no profanity, nudity, or hateful language/imagery.  
  3. Performing arts submissions that include spoken language must be in English.  
  4. For submissions in the visual arts category, all work must be original.
  5. For submissions in the performing arts category, entries must credit the original artist/author if work is being covered, performed to, or read. 
  6. For entries involving video, submitting an unlisted YouTube link is preferred. MP4 files will also be accepted and can be sent via a shared link attached (as in a Word doc) to the entry form.

    Any questions?
    Email Stephanie Schneider at [email protected]

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