Honors Classes

An opportunity to improve your diploma and boost your GPA.

Taking full advantage of the honors program at your high school signals to colleges that you are serious about academics, and that you will continue to challenge yourself in college.

Honors classes are taught by WorldEd U.S. teachers!

What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program is for those students who are seeking to be challenged beyond the regular curriculum. It is an addition to the regular curriculum. 

Honors classes meet over the course of the school year and are divided into two semesters: Part A and Part B (part A must be completed before moving on to part B). 

Students who successfully complete the honors program will boost their English credit by 0.5 GPA points. 

Why Honors Courses Are Worth It?

Participating in honors-level programs clearly demonstrates to colleges your academic “chops”.

 The classes proceed at a faster pace and cover material in more depth than regular classes.

How to enroll in the Honors Program?

The Honors Program is optional. Therefore, if a student is interested in taking the Honors program, they must sign on themselves by clicking the “Get started” button below.

These classes require participation, autonomy, maturity, and all work to be submitted, we strongly encourage that only those students who are motivated and interested apply for this extra course.

* Students who complete all requirements and earn a passing grade in the course will receive the Honors designation on their transcript and boost their English credit by 0.5 GPA points.

How Honors classes are organized?

The Honors classes require attendance in monthly sessions, and the Honors schedule follows the U.S. Calendar (holidays and breaks are taken into account).

The classes are taught by a WorldEd teacher and require the completion of monthly assignments. The dates for the classes will be provided in advance (WorldEd reserves the right to reschedule the classes).

Students who choose to be part of the Honors program are allowed only one absence per semester. If a student misses more than one class, the Honors credit will not be granted.

Meet our Honors programs

Honors 1 AB

Autobiography Project: Tell Your Story

In this yearlong course with Mrs. Schneider,  students will create a multi-media autobiography.

This course is optional and is taken in conjunction with the required English credit. Students who enroll will strengthen their speaking and writing skills and deepen their understanding of narrative writing and analysis.

Each month students will complete an assignment that will form a piece of their final project. Required classes, on the last Wednesday of the month include sharing of progress and instruction on writing and presentation. Students also polish their public speaking and commentary skills as they present and discuss each other’s work. The final class is devoted to presentations!

This course, taken in conjunction with their regular English class offers an opportunity to deepen their understanding of narrative writing as well as practice integrating different forms of media into their presentations.

There is also a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with other WorldEd students from around the country as they gain new perspectives on their own experiences and the lives of others. By the end of the course, students will have not only elevated their writing and presentation skills, but learned some new things about themselves.

Honors 2 AB

Cinema Studies: Reading, Writing and Creating Films

This course is optional and has Honors English One as a prerequisite.

Students will take this in addition to the required English class for their level. This course will allow students to strengthen their writing skills and well as deepen their understanding of filmmaking and project management.

In this yearlong course, open to those students who have successfully completed Honors English One, students will create their own short films.

The course will meet on the last Tuesday and Thursday of every month and will cover the basics of scriptwriting and storylines as well as filling, casting and editing. Part A will be devoted to finalizing scripts and Part B to filming, editing and scoring.

The final class will be a screening of all films.

This course will allow students to develop their writing and visual presentation skills, learn about film making and create a piece for their college portfolio.

*Only students who have successfully completed Honors 1 are allowed to enroll in Honors 2.

Lessons and Timetable for the Term A

(Term B Timetable to be released later)

Honors 1 A

3/23/22 (6 pm EST)
Writing About Life’s Purpose
3/30/22 (6 pm EST)
Your Life as a Song
4/27/22 (6 pm EST)
Project Workday and Q and A
5/25/22 (6 pm EST)
Part A Presentations – End of The First Semester
6/29/22 (6 pm EST)

Honors 2 A

Introduction and Syllabus
3/22/22 (6 pm EST)
Script and Story Basics
3/24/22 (6 pm EST)
Screenplay Basics
3/29/22 (6 pm EST)
3/31/22 (6 pm EST)
4/26/22 (6 pm EST)
Presentation of Ideas
4/28/22 (6 pm EST)
5/26/22 (6 pm EST)
Three Act Structure
5/31/22 (6 pm EST)
In Class Workshop
6/28/22 (6 pm EST)
In Class Workshop
6/30/22 (6 pm EST)

*WorldEd reserves the right to reschedule the classes

Tuition the Honors program

Spring 2022 50% Discount

Honors 1 AB . . . . . . $482 $241

Honors 2 AB . . . . . . $738 $369

(Single payment – no refundable after attending the first class. )

*For the program to take effect, a minimum of students must be enrolled.

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