We are proud of our diverse
group of students

As an online private school, we welcome students from around the world.
We enthusiastically encourage the exchange of cultural and learning experiences between students.

College-Ready Students
WorldEd’s central focus remains to educate and prepare students for their college experience. Therefore, we have created a learning environment that encourages and inspires our students with a curriculum and an evolving series of masterclasses and extracurricular offerings.
Accelerated Students
Each student has their own pace. With this in mind, we offer a flexible environment that allows them to achieve their full potential with a timetable that works for them. In addition, our class options are designed to encourage students to explore new ways to learn while mastering the information and achieving academic success.
Aspiring Artists
We know that performing art students require flexibility as they pursue their dreams. Therefore, we provide all the support needed with a personalized schedule in an online environment.
Homeschooling Students
As an online educational center, we at WorldEd school are committed to providing our students with the best education and support. We can also assist homeschool students and associations in ensuring that students have the curriculum needed to move forward post-high school.
International Students
WorldED caters to international students and families on the go. With online coursework and American teachers, we offer the flexibility to continue work from wherever you are!

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