We strive to implement
the latest 21st century skills

WorldEd School works to be an intellectual and creative center that prepares our students to effectively engage with a world that increasingly demands better communication, systems, and organizations to meet social needs.

Why WorldEd School

Flexible program

Flexible program

The online program is designed to better meet the needs of students and is focused on college preparation. Our personalized curriculum offers each student the opportunity to succeed and maintain a flexible schedule.

High-quality Curriculum

High-quality Curriculum

We offer a challenging college prep curriculum that prepares students to pursue their post-high-school goals and dreams.

Exploring possibilities

Exploring possibilities

With our program, students have classmates from several countries. In addition, participation in our school-wide programs allows interaction and friendships across cities, countries, and cultures.

Individualized Counseling

Individualized counseling

We have partnerships with more than 40 universities worldwide and a caring and dedicated guidance counselor to provide information and support to all students.

As we implement innovative practices with the study of current issues, such as democracy, sustainability, and globalization, we encourage participation beyond the classroom by offering a broad range of activities and elective courses. This enables cross-cultural collaboration across our diverse student body. 

Annually, we offer several Masterclasses about relevant topics, such as argumentative writing and poetry analysis. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in our annual FACE (Visual and Performing Arts Contest) and many other special programs.  

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