International partnerships

WorldEd School is an American institution based in Florida that seeks to partner with schools from different countries.

Together, we prepare students for academic and professional success worldwide. As a K-12 school, we provide programs from Elementary, Middle to High school. In the end, international students will receive a dual diploma.

How does this partnership work?

After enrollment, students start classes on a schedule that does not conflict with the classes at their current school’s classes.

Your school will have a complete support team, international teachers, and pedagogical coordination. 

In addition to the standard courses that are required for the American diploma, students can select from over two hundred elective courses.

Why Become a WorldEd School Partner

Increase Business development

Our strategic partnerships can help your organization accelerate growth and increase revenue

Educational earnings

Excellent opportunity to retain students and their families 

Unparalleled differential

Offer a modality of study that is much ahead compared to the schools in your region

Greater visibility

Earn an international school association 
and stand out in your community 

Two forms of management. You decide which is the best

  • Middle and High School programs 
  • No local school management 
  • Live online group instruction by WorldEd
  • Certified Teachers and Tutors
  • Fully digital curriculum 
  • Support to schools offer K-12 programs 
  • Local school tutors and coordination 
  • Local school manage classes 
  • Course assessed by WED 
  • Fully digital curriculum 

Resources available for our students

Technological 24/7 availability

An online, interactive platform that delivers challenging content that is explained in an engaging and fun way.

Self paced approach

Flexibility to review any content repeatedly, focusing on what is most difficult, and willing to develop.

Continuously advance

Certified and experienced teachers administer a variety of exercises and activities to test the student's knowledge.

 Exceptional extracurriculars

Masterclasses are based on current events, art contests, cultural exchange events with international students, and much more. 

Our diploma is accredited and meets the highest standards​

Contact us to learn more about our partnership models

Our enrollment specialist is ready and available to welcome and support you with any questions or issues that arise. 

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